CLOP FLOP Fashion Nova is selling a black lace-up crop top which covers NOTHING and shoppers joke ‘you might as well be topless’

FASHION Nova is selling a very revealing crop top which looks like it’s about to pop open at any minute.

And shoppers have joked you “might as well be topless”, as the lace-up number leaves very little to the imagination.

 Fashion Nova's new crop top looks like it's about to burst open at any minute

Fashion Nova’s new crop top looks like it’s about to burst open at any minuteCredit: jessiefrizzell/Instagram

The ‘party stopper’ cropped waistcoat flashes underboob and amples of cleavage – leaving no way you could wear a bra under it.

With just a couple of rhinestone-encrusted ties to protect your modesty, shoppers weren’t exactly rushing to purchase the £18 ($22.99) crop top.

Fashion Nova posted a picture on Instagram earlier this week, which racked up hundreds of baffled comments including: “Might as well be topless”.

Shoppers slammed: “Dude there’s nothing left to the imagination”, “That top is just ridiculous” and “I could never wear that wtf”.

 It's also very revealing, with shoppers joking you 'might as well be topless'
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Other ladies said the risque top would massively restrict your movement – for fear of it popping open.

One said: “Lol imagine jus reaching for something” while another lass asked: “So what if you wanna put your hair up”…

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