CNN Panel Drags Nadler and Democrats for ‘Offensive’ and ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior During Hicks Hearing

A CNN panel spared House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats on the committee no mercy for their conduct during Thursday’s closed-door Hope Hicks hearing.

As IJR Red reported, Nadler took a lot of heat after he mistakenly referred to Hicks as “Ms. Lewandowski” multiple times during the hearing. Corey Lewandowski served as candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager for part of the 2016 presidential race and briefly dated Hicks.

Take a look at the transcript:

Joining Friday’s “Inside Politics” on CNN, the roundtable of guests took turns taking shots at Nadler and at other Judiciary Committee Democrats for reportedly taking photos during the hearing.

“It’s clearly unprofessional for people to be taking pictures in a closed hearing, kind of unbelievable that they would do that,” White House Correspondent Abby Phillip, next turning to “the Lewandowski thing.” “Any woman being called something other than their name, being called ‘Ms. Some Other Man’s Name’ is — it’s offensive.”

Watch the segment below:

She then explained that the news is becoming “this source of criticism among Hicks’ defenders who say this is proof that the Democrats aren’t being serious, that they won’t even be respectful to a woman in this context” and suggested Nadler “should probably explain it to people at this point.”

Another guest chimed in to echo that sentiment:

“It undermines their case, I think, to not show her respect because she is important. She was one of the closest people to President Trump throughout crucial periods of time. And to call her names that are not her name or not afford her the respect of calling her Ms. Hicks, then I think that that undermines their whole case that she’s important and deserves respect.”

As IJR News reported, House Democrats were frustrated by Hicks’ lack of answers during the hearing. Republicans, on the other hand, came to her defense with some even calling the hearing “another political stunt” by Democrats who aren’t moving past the Mueller report.

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