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Cognizant has said it’s acquiring Ireland-based Zenith Technologies, a move that boosts its expertise in the life sciences domain. The acquisition was announced by the newly appointed CEO of Cognizant, Brian Humphries.

Humphries said Zenith will strengthen the company’s internet of things (IoT) and enhance its company’s expertise in the life sciences. “Industry 4.0 solutions, encompassing IoT, automation, and analytics, are a strategic focus area for Cognizant. In acquiring Zenith Technologies, we expand Cognizant’s IoT portfolio and extend our life sciences domain expertise by becoming a single-source provider of end-to-end smart factory capabilities,” Humphries said, in a press release.

Zenith acquisition will help Cognizant enhance designing capabilities and manage better operational and information technology systems for connected biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

Zenith Technologies is a leader in creating software systems used in the supply of vital treatments to patients worldwide. The company has 16 offices worldwide with over 860 skilled employees making software for the life sciences industry.

Raft of acquisitions

The company has experience in the management of over 35 technologies and partners with the leading pharma and biotech companies providing performance improvements and reliable software. It also specialises in digital technologies to manage and optimize medical device production for operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Cognizant has acquired many healthcare IT companies in the past to enhance its role in the healthcare sector. Some of the companies that cognizant acquired within the two years include Bolder Healthcare Solutions, TMG Health and T2C | Top Tier Consulting, also based in the US.

Life sciences sector is attracting a lot of IT service companies due to the rising demand of smart factories with production systems foreseeing research advances and increased demand for user-friendly products in the healthcare industry.

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