Conor McGregor's unfiltered profane reaction to controversial Fury-Ngannou split decision

Did you disagree with the judges who gave Tyson Fury a split decision win over Francis Ngannou? Join the club.

UFC icon Conor McGregor joined Jake Paul, Canelo Alvarez, Nate Diaz and other notable members of the fighting community by expressing his disappointment at the controversial decision. In typical McGregor fashion, the live video he recorded as the judges read their decision was foul-mouthed and honest.

Conor McGregor films raw reaction to Fury-Ngannou decisionParker Johnson

McGregor slams boxing, backs MMA champ Ngannou

One might guess where McGregor’s alleigances lie between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. As someone who famously championed the crossover from MMA to the boxing ring, the Irishman saw some of himself in Francis Ngannou.

“Fair play to Francis, and fair play to Tyson for taking the unknown challenge,” McGregor wrote on Instagram.

Francis won despite what the judges say (albeit under boxing rules over 10 rounds, it was close!)”

He also had some sour words for the judges when he heard the decision in real time.

“Wow. Good old boxing, huh?” he teased as the first two scores split one apiece.

“You’ve done it again, you c–s!” he shouted when the belt went to Fury. “Fair play, who gives a f–k?”

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