Cooper Flagg is reclassified as a 2024 student

A household name in high school basketball, Cooper Flagg decided to elevate his game even more and reclassify to the 2024 Class. Flagg was one of the top two players in the 2025 class. He is currently one of the best overall prospects in high school basketball. As a result, how does this shift impact the landscape of high school basketball, and what does it do for Flagg?

Who is Cooper Flagg?

Flagg is one of the more intriguing prospects in the last five or so years. From Maine and playing for Montverde Academy in Florida, he made headlines because of his unique gifts on the court. He started his career at Nokomis Regional High School in Maine. Flagg averaged 20.5 points a game and helped Nokomis win a state title in his first season. 

After his success with Nokomis and Team Maine propelled him into the attention of fans, Flagg transferred to Montverde. His stock skyrocketed as he helped Montverde get to Geico’s National Tournament. Flagg played in the NIKE EYBL, the NBA Top-100 Camp, and Stephen Curry’s camp last week

How Does Peach Jam Work?

One of the biggest tournaments of the AAU, the Nike Peach Jam helped Flagg go to the next level. He dominated the U16 circuit and led his squad to the championship game. He had games with video game stats, including one contest with 38 points, 16 rebounds, and 12 blocks. Flagg moved to a different level because of his performance at Peach Jam. He showed his ability to defend, score, and get the best out of his teammates. Furthermore, Flagg displayed his versatility. He handled the ball, defended multiple positions, and showed his perimeter game. 


As mentioned, Flagg decided to move up a class and attend college one year earlier than anticipated. This makes a giant shift within high schools. For one, Flagg makes the 2024 class stronger as it gets another player who dominates the high school game. Secondly, there is more fierce competition between players now. Some scouts consider Flagg the best prospect in high school basketball, so other top-ranked players will want to show they are just as good. 

More importantly, Flagg qualifies for the NBA draft in 2025. There is a lot of buzz surrounding Flagg, but he could be the number-one pick that year. Therefore, his move to the 2024 class allows fans to see him sooner in college and the NBA. Flagg has more pressure to live up to these expectations but did a good job exceeding them this summer. He will meet these demands and has a chance to impact the NBA in a big way. 

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