Coronavirus: English cricketer can't take selfies

Coronavirus: English cricketer can't take selfies

They’d educated the group’s cricketers not to’shake hands’ with their competitions on the coming Sri Lanka tour. The players are asked to refrain from accepting selfies with the lovers and averting public meetings as far as you can.

The ECB has requested cricketers to refrain from committing autographs to fans at an announcement on Wednesday (March 8th).

‘England players and the team have been requested to prevent any unnecessary public parties and casual issues like temporarily accepting selfies or giving autographs for fans. Though we acknowledge, this could be unsatisfactory for some fans.

In a statement advocating fans, the ECB also stated they ought to adhere to the World Health Organization’s guidelines to stop the spread and spread of this virus.

The British press reported on Monday a British press report which English skipper Joe Root verified the series wasn’t a handshake on Sri Lanka’s house ground.
England has suffered from stomach and intestinal distress and influenza issues during a recent trip to South Africa. Included in this warning, the English will do’predator lumps’ rather than joining hands with the Sri Lankan cricketers.

Sri Lanka and England will perform the two-match Evaluation series this season. The very first Test ground is going to probably be set for March 5. Colombo is the previous Test venue to start on March 25.