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Court papers reveal how much Jeffrey Epstein is actually worth

Court papers reveal how much Jeffrey Epstein is actually worth

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is hardly a billionaire, according to the financial-disclosure form his lawyers filed in seeking bail for him.

The single-page document had been kept under seal away from the public until the Manhattan federal judge overseeing Epstein’s sex-trafficking case released it Monday, dismissing it as “cursory.”

Epstein lists in the filing that he has:

  • Cash: $56,547,773
  • Fixed income: $14,304,679
  • Equities: $112,679,138
  • Hedge funds and private equity: $194,986,301
  • Properties including: 9 E. 71 st St., Manhattan, worth $55,931,000; 49 Zorro Ranch Road, Stanley, NM, $ 17,246,208; 358 El Brillo Way, Palm Beach, Fla., $ 12,380,209; 22 Avenue Foch, Paris, France, $8,672,823; Great St. James Island in the Virgin Islands, $22,498,600, and Little St. James Island, also there, $63,874,223.

The total assets listed are $559,120,954.

The feds are arguing that Epstein — who is accused of sex-trafficking — shouldn’t been given bail pending trial because of the uber-connected former moneyman’s potential ability to buy his way to freedom.

Epstein’s lawyers did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, the judge in the case, Richard Berman, also included in the file release Monday a transcript from a 2011 hearing before Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Ruth Pickholz, in which Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Gaffney, then the deputy chief of the Manhattan DA’s Sex Crimes Unit, actually argued for Epstein to get a more lenient sex-offender classification.

Pickholz was taken aback by the argument, according to the documents, which have been public.

“I have to tell you, I’m a little overwhelmed because I’ve never seen the prosecutor’s office do something like this,” the judge said. “I have never seen it.”

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