COVID-19: What To Know About The Australian Football League, Who Plan To Play In Empty Stadiums This Season

COVID-19: What To Know About The Australian Football League, Who Plan To Play In Empty Stadiums This Season

The coronavirus outbreak is causing sports cancellations and postponements all around the world. Numerous countries are under a state of crisis as politicians in the local to national level together with public health officials are advocating massive parties of individuals — including sporting events — at COVID-19 hotspots be closed to the general public.

On Monday, the Australian authorities called for a rescue of parties of over 500 individuals, and citizens have been warned to anticipate the COVID-19 epidemic to achieve its summit in Australia sometime between May and July. The AFL explained that the contest is going to be promptly postponed when and if any official or player tests positive for the coronavirus. The AFL might be made to reassess their choice together with the authorities and health officials in a certain stage in the not too distant future, however, in the meantime, CBS Sports is here to offer a breakdown about the principles for the rather intricate game.

Even the AFL, also known as Aussie Rules or Footy, is played between 2 groups of eighteen players, with the objective of the match to kick the oblong’soccer’ involving a string of four goalposts. You would like to move the ball down the field to score, such as the NFL, however the amount of points you score is dependent upon which place the ball moves between. Kicking the ball between the center target posts is worth six points, while the ball hitting the article or moving through the significant post and among the outer lower articles is worth one point and known as a’ssupporting’. Some other principles of notice:

  • One AFL game consists of four 20 minute quarters, and each quarter begins with the umpire bouncing the ball in the center circle of the field, similar to a jump ball in basketball, in AFL, this is called a ‘ruck’
  • There are three ways to move the ball down the field: 1) Running, but a player is required to bounce it every 16 yards; 2) A player is allowed to use their fist to hit it forward, commonly referred to as a handball; 3) Kicking the ball down the field
  • Players can tackle opponents using their hands or they can use their entire body to block opponents, but players are not allowed to push opponents in the back and doing so will result in a free kick
  • There are positions in the game (forwards, defenders, midfielders), but there’s no such thing as offsides
  • There are a total of 18 AFL clubs in Australia: 10 in Victoria, and two in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland
  • The top eight teams at the end of the season will go on to play finals (qualifying, elimination, semi and preliminary finals)
  • The championship game is called the AFL Grand Final and its played at the beginning of October at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

With all four of the major US sports leagues currently on hold, the AFL could prove to be a source of entertainment for American sports fans.

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