Cristiano Ronaldo broke another record

Cristiano Ronaldo broke another record

When he transferred to Spain from England, several stated that this time Cristiano Ronaldo’s magic could finish. However, this playmaker proved everybody wrong by writing his name in Real Madrid. He’s ruled Spain. But after leaving Actual and registering for Juventus, nobody remained silent. Since CR Seven is outdated at the time. It was stated he wouldn’t have a fantastic experience from Serie A. Here, also, this Portuguese captain proved everybody wrong.

The Portuguese prince broke a 60-year-old record this time. He became the first Juventus player since the 1960-61 season to score 25 goals in a single season.

This great milestone was set by Ronaldo in the derby match against Torino on Saturday. The five-time Ballon d’Or star scored a great goal from a free-kick in that match. The team also got a big win of 4-1.

Omar Sivori became the first Juventus footballer since the 1960-61 season to score 25 goals in a single season. In the derby match against Turin on Saturday, he reached a new height by scoring a goal from a free-kick.

Ronaldo is having a good time. Last time he scored 21 goals in his first season in Italy. More awesome this season. Ronaldo reached the milestone of 25 goals.


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