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Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated Mother's Day on the first Sunday of the month

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated Mother's Day on the first Sunday of the month

John Smith
John Smith

World Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Portugal is an exception. They celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of the month. According to him, May 3 was Portugal’s Mother’s Day.

According to him, Mother’s Day has been celebrated by the European nation. With this event, Cristiano Ronaldo introduced a lavish and expensive Mercedes automobile to his mum Maria Dolores Aveiro.

The association between Ronaldo and his mom was great since the youth. The moment the time arrived, this one of the wealthiest sports celebrities on earth ran to his mommy. He can not remain still even though his mom has something. So CR Seven has contributed a unique gift on Mother’s Day to the mom of love.

Ronaldo can not give his mom a lot of time for busyness now. But, on account of this coronavirus, the Portuguese celebrity was together with his mommy in Madeira, Portugal for quite a while.

Mother Aveiro became emotional after getting such a present from her own son. In addition, he posted images of the automobile on social networking. The caption reads,’Thank you, my kids, for all of the presents. Greetings to all of the moms of earth.

John Smith

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