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Cristiano Ronaldo wants Real Madrid in the final

Cristiano Ronaldo wants Real Madrid in the final

Nikel Hemron
Nikel Hemron

The emphasis is on facing Real Madrid-Juventus in the second round. However, Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to face the former club Real so quickly. The Juventus forward intends to remain as one of his favorite teams in the Champions League final.

Ronaldo joined Juventus last year after leaving Real. He wants to avoid Real now. Although he is thrilled to face Real at any stage of the competition in Europe. Ronaldo told Sky Sports Italia, “Real is a fantastic team. Ask me if I want to face them late. In the final, That’s what I want right now. ”Real has emerged as a runner-up team from his group (A) in the last sixteen. Juventus have emerged as the top six of the ‘D’ group.

Ronaldo was on the field for 9 years in Real Madrid’s jersey. He also set many records for the club. Only there he has many memories. He could not forget the former club for that reason. So CR Seven wants to fight against the club at one time in this Champions League final.

Real did not reach the desired goal in the Champions League last season because of Ronaldo’s absence. This time the team has not yet given their best. Because of this, the club has become the runner-up in the last sixteen. Because of this, there are fears that teams like Liverpool, Manchester, Bayern Munich and Juventus will be able to compete in this round.

Ronaldo is spreading light for Juventus at the age of 34. He is the chief commander of the Javad. In his own performance, Ballian Cr Seven told Sky Sports Italia that he did not want to play against the former club.’ Real is a fantastic team. If you ask me, I would not want to face them right now. I want to fight them in the final! ‘Having suffered from an injury problem for the past few days, the Portuguese superstar said, “I’m fine, I have overcome the injury problem.” I’ve been suffering from an injury problem for the past four weeks, now I have overcome it.

Nikel Hemron

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