David Beckham enjoys his time with son Cruz but without Victoria at Las Vegas Grand Prix

The Las Vegas Grand Prix unfolded as a star-studded event, drawing a heightened celebrity presence compared to other Formula 1 races.

Among the prominent figures in attendance was David Beckham. His reputation as a sports icon and co-owner of Inter Miami ensured his presence at this spectacle, accompanied by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

The city of Las Vegas hosted a spirited weekend of festivities, with the Grand Prix attracting a notable gathering of famous faces.

Beckham made a striking appearance at the race’s opening party. Alongside his son Cruz, the duo showcased a coordinated yet casually elegant fashion sense.

David sported a white blazer paired with a black shirt and pants, complemented by brown shoes. Cruz opted for a relaxed look with white trousers, green Converse sneakers, and a striped shirt, embodying the family’s distinctive style.

Opened up in Netflix documentary

Beyond their fashion statement, the Beckham family recently shared their story in the Netflix documentary ‘Beckham,’ premiered on October 4.

The four-episode docuseries provides an intimate exploration of David and Victoria Beckham‘s relationship, offering insights into David‘s journey to becoming a global football star and cultural icon.

It delves into the challenges he faced, particularly in the late 1990s when his English football career encountered a brief setback.

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