David Montgomery’s 75-yard TD run came on play call snafu

The play Jared Goff called in the huddle was a pass play. But as the players broke the huddle, the Lions quarterback realized they had the wrong personnel on the field for the play called.

The play called for two tight ends, and only one was on the field.

“I probably should have realized it when we were in the huddle, but once we broke the huddle and lined up, I realized it was wrong,” Goff said, via Kyle Meinke of mlive.com. “[Offensive coordinator] Ben [Johnson was yelling] in my headset, ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Get into the run!’”

Goff checked into a run at the line of scrimmage, and David Montgomery had the longest run the team has had since 2011. The running back went 75 yards for a score.

“We were laughing about it,” Goff said. “You do all this planning through the week — Monday to Saturday — of what you want to do, and make everything perfect. Then we basically mess it up, and it’s a 75-yard touchdown. But that’s a credit to a good team. We’re a good team, and we adjust, and able to make adjustments on the fly like that.”

Montgomery finished with 12 carries for 116 yards, with 75 coming on the big play that gave the Lions a 24-10 lead in the second quarter. He has three 100-yard games in the six games he’s played with the Lions.

“It wouldn’t have been anything without the O-line and the wide receivers,” Montgomery said of his long run. “Definitely, I want to highlight [Jameson Williams]. That’s the second time this year I’ve been running and Jamo’s been there to lead the way. That takes a lot from him, too, for him to be who he is and be able to run and go block for me. I was running as fast as I was, and he was jogging, and he still beat me. I’m a little hurt about that. But I’ll suppress those feelings for later.”

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