Declaring Barcelona Champions would be unfair: Thibaut Courtois

Declaring Barcelona Champions would be unfair: Thibaut Courtois

European soccer is currently closed as a result of mortal coronavirus. Following Italy, the epidemic of this virus in Spain took a fatal turn, impacting the nation’s Spanish league also. For this reason, the Spanish Football Association announced the league shut indefinitely.

Following this announcement, anxieties have begun about if the organizers are going to have the ability to complete the 2019-20 year in any way. But, as stated by many, the group on top ought to be declared the winner. According to him, announcing Barcelona champions are an injustice to his team Real Madrid. However, in spite of playing with an equal number of games, Real is at 2nd location. Since they’re just two points behind Bara.

We’re only two points behind Barcelona, Cortoya stated in a meeting with Belgian TV. And if the season Is Totally canceled and Barcelona are announced winners, then It Is Going to be unfair.’

He added, ‘We had been equivalent to them and dropped to them this season, we had been a fantastic team. The event of Liverpool differs because I do not know how many things they’re ahead. I would like to finish this year.


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