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Di Maria test positive for COVID-19

Di Maria test positive for COVID-19

John Smith
John Smith

PSG midfielder Angel Di Maria is in self-isolation in Paris after testing positive for COVID-19, sources Daily Mail Online.

This week they went on vacation to the Spanish island of Ibizia. When they came back and tested Corona, they tested positive.

On Monday, the PSG reported that two players from the club had tested positive. Although they did not reveal their names at the beginning, the French giants could not keep the matter under wraps, citing various media outlets. It is known that one of the two is PSG midfielder Angel Di Maria, the other is Leandro Paredes.

The club allowed the players to vacation on the Balearic Islands after losing the PSG Champions League to Banern Munich. Upon their return, they were placed in quarantine. After the test, it is known that Di Maria have been infected.

Sources say the club is concerned that Neymar, who was also in Ibiza on holidays with his son and father, could test positive as well. Keylor Navas and Ander Herrera were on holidays there and all the PSG players met up. Now that the players are back in Paris for training, the club is waiting to perform more tests.

John Smith

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