Diana Taurasi Scores 10,000 Points in Her Career

One of the greatest WNBA players of all time, Diana Taurasi, reached 10,000 points. Diana became the first person ever to reach that milestone, and it made headlines. Already the All-Time leading scorer in WNBA history, Taurasi accomplishes another impressive feat. 


Before being drafted by the Phoenix Mercury in 2004, Diana dominated at the collegiate level for UCONN. Taurasi was a winner, as shown by her three consecutive national championships. She won through her command of the game and insane competitive nature. After her collegiate career, she went on to an amazing career with the Mercury. Even though she continues her career, she is a 10-time All-Star, three-time WNBA Champion, and 5-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Her accomplished career makes any other achievement a cherry on top, but her scoring record is an impressive individual award. 

How Taurasi Scores Effectively

Diana scored because of her skillset, and changing her game as she got older. At 41, she does not possess the same speed that she had. However, she possesses incredible skills. Taurasi averages 18 points a game on 43/35/87 shooting splits. Taurasi’s career average is 19.2 points per game on 43/36/87 shooting splits. More importantly, she understands the art of involving her teammates. Being a great scorer and player is an understanding of how to play. Taurasi shoots and facilitates well because she understands ball movement is key to success.

In addition to her basketball IQ, Taurasi has an incredible handle that frees up her shot-and-drive game. It allows her to score because of her dribbling pace. She changes speed successfully, putting defenders on their heels and giving her opportunities to score at a high level. 

What Does Her Milestone Mean for WNBA?

Her performance to get 10,000 points was incredible. Taurasi scored 42 points, the first time she scored 40 points since 2010. Furthermore, she is the oldest player in WNBA history to score 40+ points in a game. Her accomplishment shows she has a game left, and sets a standard for success. For future players, her milestone shows the importance of durability, skill, and leadership. Known as a great leader, Taurasi has the support of her teammates, and they want to succeed with her on the court. She explained how she cares more about winning. 

In a statement after the game, Taurasi said, “I really don’t think about the number, I really don’t.” After scoring 29 points in a one-point loss to Indiana on Tuesday night, she said: “I’ve always said I’ve just played basketball because I love to play. Literally the only reason why I keep showing up to the gym right now is because I still love to play and you know, this group still shows up every day”. Diana is a leader who cares about winning and getting the most out of her teammates. 


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