Guru Kohli
Guru KohliPR Handout

Guru Kohli has made his own mark in DJing industry with 370 music shows and projects at a tender age. Soon he is set to come up with a new track, marks his debut as a singer.

Guru Kohli started his beautiful DJ journey when he was only 16 years old. He was at a college farewell party with one of his friends, when he first saw what DJing actually is. Ever since, he started admiring being a DJ and soon started working as one and established his name. Since that time he loved music, he wanted to be a music producer and create own mesmerizing music.

In 2017, Guru felt the urge to stand out from other DJs in the industry, he wanted to establish a brand for himself, and he was motivated, focused and talented up to the brim. Now was the time when he started remixing songs to give them a revamp, people actually liked his work and he was called upon for concerts and shows. Till now, he has become magnanimously popular among the audience.

He made his début in Bollywood music with the song As Toh Sahi from Judwa 2 in collaboration with Meet Bros, he gave a small contribution to the song, which was a super-duper hit! So far, he has done more than 300 shows, 70 music projects and has worked with some renowned personalities of the music world which consists of legendary singers, composers, artists, lyricists and producers.

Guru has achieved so much at a young age and now he is planning to step in the field of singing, since the day one Guru was attracted towards singing, his father also wanted him to become a singer because it was his dream which he wasn’t able to fulfill but he felt that Guru really had a very captivating voice and he can make his dream come true.

His family has always supported him towards doing big things in life, his friends, who always stand by his side, believe that Guru is an inspired individual and an amazing singer, he could give an awesome contribution to the singing industry.

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