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Donald Trump UK visit Info

Kanyu Kisbe
Kanyu Kisbe

Royal Family welcomes Donald Tram and his wife Melania Tram to the Royal Family in Buckingham Palace. This is Donald Trump’s first official tour. Tram joined the royal family and Prime Minister Theresa’s daughter to attend several formal events. For Donald Tram, the entire Buckingham Palace has been called in the safe lunar.

Donald Trump UK visit

Donald Trump UK visit

Donald Tram receives a royal reception from the monarchy and government of Britain after leaving Buckingham Palace. Donald Tram arrived in England on Monday for the first official visit.

Thousands of protesters have been protesting against Donald Tram. Such protests were seen during the last visit of the tram to Britain, and this is expected in the same week that similar protests started extensively.

On June 5, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the tram de-dawn, the participants will participate. There is no guarantee that the trump will be at Buckingham Palace because the palace is undergoing renovation. Where he is still not officially informed.

This tour of Donald Tram is said to be close to the “special relationship” between the two countries. “Our relations continue to work together for many years for the security and prosperity of our country. It will continue to be a generation after generation.

The main plan of the tram on this tour is to expect the progress of their discussions on trade and security issues. The two countries move forward towards trade and security

At the end of the day, Trump tweeted about trade talks, saying that the London leg “is really going well”.

President Trump meets Queen at Buckingham Palace

After the landing of the Donald Tram’s plane to the palace, Prince Charles and his wife, Camila, Cornwall’s Dresses, Mr. Tram and the first woman, Melania, receive the tram. Mr. Trump reached the Buckingham Palace with more than three miles of helicopter flights to meet with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen accepted the President on the roof on the west side of Buckingham Palace before accepting it.

Kanyu Kisbe

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