Easy to become incredibly cynical and hopeless, but I think we feel like

In the other games, Minnesota tries to bounce back from its huge collapse to even things up in Game 4 against Memphis, while Dallas hopes Luka Doncic is available as it tries for a 3-1 lead over Utah.

Even though it is a No. 2 seed against a No. 7, the Boston-Brooklyn series was thought to be one that could go the distance. The Celtics are one of the league’s toughest defensive teams, but the Nets can be dangerous against anyone because of Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Yet the Celtics can end it quickly if the Nets don’t figure out a way to get those two superstars going. They were a combined 1 for 17 after halftime in Game 2, when the Nets managed just 42 points after leading by 17 in the first half and Boston rallied for a 114-107 victory.

Nash said he wasn’t planning any changes to his rotation for Game 3, though it could look different in Game 4 if Simmons is fully recovered from a herniated disk in his back. Teammate Patty Mills said his fellow Australian’s athleticism and defensive ability make it easy to envision him sliding into a key role.

“Now, of course, that’s who he is coming into a series halfway through against a really good Boston team, especially defensively,” Mills said. “That’s what we have, but like I said, it’s the task at hand for us and we’ve got to run with it. We’ve got no other choice.”

Russian forces in Ukraine tried to storm a steel plant housing soldiers and civilians in the southern city of Mariupol on Saturday while attempting to crush the last corner of resistance in a place of deep symbolic and strategic value to Moscow, Ukrainian officials said.

The reported assault on the eve of Orthodox Easter came after the Kremlin claimed its military had seized all of the shattered city except for the Azovstal plant, and as Russian forces pounded other cities and towns in southern and eastern Ukraine.

A 3-month-old baby was among six people killed when Russia fired cruise missiles at the Black Sea port city of Odesa, officials said.

Beth Bowers grew up in the 1960s and 1970s with parents who marched in protests, wrote letters to members of Congress and voted in elections big and small.

Her father, a World War II veteran, and her mother, an educational counselor, did not use social media sites in their lifetimes. But Bowers is sure they would be disheartened to see how easily falsehoods about the U.S. elections are disseminated online to millions and millions of people.

That’s why the Evanston, Illinois, mom spends a few hours each week scouring Facebook groups for conspiracy theories or lies as part of a nationwide volunteer effort to debunk misinformation about voting.

“The good thing about this work is, it’d be so easy to become incredibly cynical and hopeless, but I think we feel like this is something we can do and make a difference,” Bowers, 59, said in a phone interview.

“2020 changed everything,” said Alex Linser, deputy director of the Hamilton County, Ohio, election board. “This has got to be a part of our job now. Not just doing our job well, but showing the public how we do our job. For a long time, the system just worked and people didn’t have to think about it. Now, there’s a lot of people calling it into question.”

The voting advocacy group Common Cause will rely on thousands of volunteers like Bowers to identify misinformation floating around online and push for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to take down the most egregious falsehoods. False claims about voting times, locations or eligibility, for example, are banned across Twitter and Meta’s platforms, which include Facebook and Instagram.

During the 2020 election, platforms applied fact checks, labeled or removed more than 300 pieces of popular, false content that Common Cause turned up. More recently, in Texas, more than 100 volunteers worked four-hour shifts to monitor false claims coming out of the state’s primary election in March. The most frequent conspiracy theory shared that night claimed that staffing shortages at polling locations were deliberate, Bowers noted.

Scoring has rarely looked so difficult for Kevin Durant.

A four-time NBA leader who averaged 29.9 points this season, Durant missed each of his 10 shots in the second half of Game 2 against Boston. He made just 13 of 41 while the Brooklyn Nets fell into a 2-0 hole.

The Nets host Game 3 on Saturday and might get Ben Simmons back in Game 4 on Monday. They could be facing elimination by then if Durant doesn’t revert to the player who was averaging 29.5 points in the postseason coming into this series, third-highest ever.

“I’ve seen Kevin fight back from bad games plenty, plenty of times in his playoff career. So I couldn’t have more faith and trust in Kevin Durant,” Nets coach Steve Nash said.

Another series in the Eastern Conference could end Saturday. The Philadelphia 76ers can become the first team into the second round by beating the Toronto Raptors to complete a sweep.

“We’ve got a chance,” Joel Embiid said after his winning 3-pointer in overtime of Game 3. “We’ve just got to do what we’re supposed to do.”