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ECB Recommends Suspension of Recreational Cricket Due to COVID-19

ECB Recommends Suspension of Recreational Cricket Due to COVID-19

The measure went into effect following the authorities advised against mass parties in the UK before this week, effectively trapping all staying sporting events.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared a substantial escalation of the UK’s steps in reaction to this coronavirus, such as advocating everybody in the nation to prevent bars, clubs, theatres, and restaurants and also to take only essential excursions.

“After the most recent government information on social bookmarking, we sadly and reluctantly urge that all kinds of recreational cricket be stopped for today,” said an ECB announcement.

“This goes to instruction, preseason friendlies, and some other affiliated cricket action.

“Sport plays an absolutely critical part in the country’s psychological and bodily well-being, and assists individuals find meaning where there are anxiety and doubt, so one of our aims at the coming weeks will be to explore ways we could encourage some degrees of physical activity in communities, especially real levels.

“Utilizing our cricket community to encourage others might be among the main services we can provide throughout the difficult next couple of months.

“It’s crucial that any choice we make is clinically guided.

The England team returned home over the weekend following their two-test excursion to Sri Lanka was postponed as a result of coronavirus.

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