Ecuador could be removed from this year's World Cup in Qatar by FIFA

Ecuador could be removed from this year's World Cup in Qatar by FIFA

The World Cup is set to take place in Qatar in November. The South American qualifiers have already ended. Ecuador is the fourth team from this continent to qualify for the World Cup. However, there are fears about Ecuador's game in the World Cup.

Ecuador has been accused of fielding "incompetent" players. The Chilean football federation made the allegation to FIFA last month. Ecuador's right-back Byron Castillo, who played in the qualifiers, has been accused of this. Brazilian lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo is representing Chile.

If Chile's allegations are substantiated, FIFA could cut points in all six of Castillo's qualifiers for Ecuador. Ecuador got 14 points in 8 matches of Castillo's game. If Qatar loses these points, the country will not play in the World Cup.

Chile finished seventh in the World Cup with 19 points. According to Carlezzo, two match points against Ecuador will take Chile to the World Cup in Qatar. Meanwhile, FIFA on Thursday confirmed the allegations against Chile. However, the company has not commented on this.

Chile Football Federation requested an investigation in May

The Chilean Football Federation requested that FIFA examine assuming Castillo was as a matter of fact Colombian after they guaranteed that they had verification to say that the full-back was brought into the world in Tumaco, Colombia in 1995, and not in the Ecuadorian city of General Villamil Playas in 1998 as it says on his authority reports.

And according to TV Azteca, Eduardo Carlezzo, the lawyer representing Chile in the ongoing court case, has said that he has found sufficient evidence to prove that Castillo is not eligible to play for Ecuador.