Emily Austin: Sports Journalist on Her Way to Becoming a Celebrity

Emily Austin: Sports Journalist on Her Way to Becoming a Celebrity

Sports today, has become a daily part of our lives. It brings a splash of excitement to the mundanity of our everyday lives. It promotes fitness, teaches people about sportsman spirit, and overall has a positive effect on our wellbeing.

However, ever wonder where we get this news from?

These sports updates are analyzed, simplified, and beautified, and brought to us by none other than several sports journalists. These journalists not only keep the public engaged but also act as a bridge between the sports celebrities/players and the general public. One need not be a die-hard fan of football to know about its most famous players. All because of the hard work that is put in by the journalists.

One of the journalists that stands out during these times is Emily Austin. She is a 19 year old sports journalist from New York who runs a famous Instagram account where she uploads all her interviews with these players. People enjoy her content as she is optimistic, concise, and respectful towards their favorites. Instead of trying to find dirt on them(that would eventually lead to a player’s demise), she actively tries to bridge the gap between the fans and the players. This is one of the most important qualities to have, especially as a journalist.

Her work has brought her to many famous player’s attention such as the NBA All-star Carlos Boozer, Boston Celtic’s Enes Kanter, New York Knick’s Mitchell Robinson, Houston Rocket’s Ben McLemore, and many more. The most recent one was of the basketball player, Delon Wright, who plays for the Sacramento Kings.

She does this via her Instagram account @dailyvibeswithemily. There she hosts an IG Live (a live stream option on the app) where she interacts with the celebrity and fans can access it in real-time. She also has a TikTok account with the username @emilyraustin where she uploads different kinds of videos.

She is currently studying Journalism at Hofstra University where she has earned her bachelor’s degree. She is currently residing in New York and regularly visits Miami too.

Apart from her job as a journalist, she is quite famous as a Social Media Influencer, an actress as well as a model. Anyone who visits her Instagram profile will definitely be able to see why. She is tall and attractive and her poses are quite professional. She has worked in movies like ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ (2019), ‘The Italians’, and An American Pickle (2020). She is also a brand ambassador for the sports brand PUMA and has frequently modeled their products like shoes, workout tees, etc.Her fan following on Instagram has reached a whopping 206k followers from all across the globe.