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English league is returning with the Man City vs Arsenal match

The clubs have agreed to resume the English Premier League in three weeks. It was decided in a meeting on Thursday that the league will be formed again from June 17.

The league was suspended on March 13 due to coronavirus and is returning to the field after 100 days.

The German Bundesliga returned on 16 May. The French league has already pulled the end of the season, but Italy-Spain-England were looking at Germany. Football returned there, without any trouble. Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A have yet to make a decision on their return, but the decision has been made in the Premier League. The world’s most popular league is arguably back on the field on 17 June.

The match will face the current English league champions Manchester City and Arsenal. In another match, Aston Villa’s opponent is Sheffield United.

However, no official announcement has been made yet. BCB and Sky Sports announced the start of the league during the meeting of the Premier Leagues on Thursday.

Liverpool have a chance to celebrate the title two days after the start of the league. They are at the top of the list with 72 points in 29 matches.

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