Europe's borders are opening, tourism is starting

Europe's borders are opening, tourism is starting

Since mid-May, Europe has begun to return to normal. In countries like France, Germany, Italy, there has been a gradual lockdown. France has identified itself as a ‘green zone’.

In Europe, Germany, France and Italy are opening the borders of their respective countries. Summer tourism is starting. But at the same time the administration is worried about the second wave of novel coronavirus.

It has been slowly opening since mid-May. However, it was opened for everyone on Monday. In other words, ordinary people do not have to face any obstacles while crossing the border.

The French government said on Sunday that restaurants and bars could open as usual. In mid-May, it was said, restaurants would only be able to serve food under the open sky. No one should be allowed to sit inside the house. The ban has been lifted since Sunday. Various tourist centers have also been opened. But at the same time, the administration has warned the people. Everyone has been asked to keep an eye on the social distance.

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the second wave of coronavirus could hit the country if left unchecked. Then you have to stop everything again. It needs to be kept in mind.

Germany is also worried about the second wave COVID-19. Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly warned the countrymen about this. In fact, an app could be launched in Germany in the next few days. If you download the app, everyone will know if he has come in contact with any corona victim. The administration is also concerned about various tourist destinations in Germany. Because when tourists from home and abroad come there, there is a risk of new corona infection and once the corona starts spreading, it is difficult to rush. As a result, the German administration is keeping a close eye on the situation, even if the border is opened and tourist destinations are opened.

While Europe is becoming more and more normal, China is once again worried. According to experts, the second wave of COVID-19 has entered there. A new lockdown has been announced in a part of Beijing. It has been effective since Sunday. In China, the number of coronaviruses dropped below 10. Again, it has exceeded 70. According to experts, the number of victims has suddenly started increasing. If you are not careful, the infection will start to increase by leaps and bounds. That is why the decision of lockdown has been informed.