Every ‘View’ Host Agrees Buttigieg Handled Town Hall Poorly: ‘Do Your Job’ and ‘Then Run for President’

“The View” hosts collectively slammed Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Monday for his poor handling of recent issues with South Bend community, of which he is mayor.

Host Joy Behar took a shot at him first, saying he needed to “fix what’s going on in South Bend” before he focuses on national office.

“I have this feeling that these guys who are running, who are mayors and governors, should keep doing their jobs, until they can fix it … But when you’re a mayor or a governor, it’s almost like you’re the father or the mother of the family. And to leave South Bend now and run for president seems like an unfinished job.”

The host claimed that while she liked the candidate, he needed to learn how to run a city before he could run a country.

“Do your job first there, and then run for president,” Behar said.


Sunny Hostin also went after the mayor, saying she has spoken to many in the community about the issues they have with the official.

“I went to law school in South Bend … he has had a problem with the African-American community in South Bend for quite some time,” said Hostin.

“I’ve visited a lot, I’ve spoken to a lot if the African-American community and they say that his housing program, which was supposed to be extraordinary and revolutionary, was to bulldoze vacant homes and most of those homes were in the African-American community … They were very upset with him, and he didn’t really address it.”

Whoopi Goldberg also took a dig at Buttigieg, saying that he was “more than a little green around the edges,” and Meghan McCain called his handling of the recent town hall “piss poor.”

As IJR Red reported, Buttigieg has received harsh criticism from both sides for the town hall, but it is uncertain how it will affect his presidential campaign.

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