Ex- army man tries to rape daughter, shoots at her after she refuses

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A 21-year-old girl in Gwalior went through a terrifying experience when her father, an ex-army man, tried to rape her and when she attempted to resist, he shot at her.

The incident occurred on Monday (June 17) night when the army man, who had retired as a naik subedar, stumbled into his daughter’s room and tried to rape her while she was sleeping. The terrified girl woke up and tried to fend him off. She ran to her mother who was sleeping in the other room and woke her up.

The angry ex-army man, insulted at the rejection, took his licensed 12-bore gun out and fired two shots at his daughter, reports Times of India.

While some of the pellets hit the girl, the other shots missed her. The mother called for help and the neighbours rushed in. They were already awake due to the sound of the gunshots. The neighbours managed to overpower him and remove the weapon from his clutches.

They turned the retired army main to the police and the girl was taken to the hospital to treat her injuries. She is out of danger now.

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