Facebook workers criticize Donald Trump for not taking action on provocative remarks

Facebook workers criticize Donald Trump for not taking action on provocative remarks

Facebook users are considering the conclusion of CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not taking action on President Donald Trump’s provocative opinions about the continuing protests from the USA. Rather, they’re reprimanding the company, praising Twitter’s guts and transparency. Workers of several technology firms like Facebook, Google, Amazon have been spotted taking an active stance on several social justice problems. Several organizations have to modify their policies.

According to the information service Reuters, three of Facebook’s top seven workers have openly criticized Zuckerberg from the present US situation.

In a tweet,” Trump stated that if there’s looting, there’ll likewise be shootings. Twitter states Trump’s tweet violates their abusive policy. All of America is up in arms over the passing of George Floyd. The raging motion of mad people against racism isn’t quitting. Curfews are imposed in 40 US cities to take care of the circumstance. The National Guard was deployed to quell the protests. At a post on Friday, Mark Zuckerberg said that he believes the remark, while profoundly offensive, doesn’t violate company policy against inciting violence and people will need to understand whether the government is intending to use force.

“Mark was wrong,” said Ryan Freitas, director of product design at Facebook’s News Feed. I will try my best to change his mind. ‘ He said that he is getting more than 50 like-minded workers in this work. They will lobby for changes in internal policy.

“I work at Facebook,” said Jason Toff, director of product management. I’m not proud of the way we’re being portrayed. Most colleagues have expressed similar feelings. We will strengthen our voice. ‘

“We acknowledge the pain that most of us, especially our black community, are feeling,” said Anti-Stone, a spokeswoman for Facebook. We encourage workers to speak out if they do not agree with the leadership.

Before, Zuckerberg said that he Wouldn’t involve Facebook from the war involving Twitter and US President Donald Trump. Zuckerberg said Facebook advised the White House on Friday of the coverage. Axios afterward reported that Zuckerberg had spoken Trump.

But in the present scenario, many Facebook employees are praising the function of Twitter. David Gillis, Facebook’s product director, stated: “Respect for Twitter’s transparency group, particularly for the action they have taken.

Many activists, such as Jason Toff, have started raising funds to need social justice from the state of Minnesota. Zuckerberg stated in a post on Monday that his company could spend another 10 ​​million on social justice.