Farewell to Man City from the League Cup 2021-22

Farewell to Man City from the League Cup 2021-22

Manchester City have been champions of the League Cup for the last four years. They are also the current champions. But this time the English club could not maintain that dominance. Pep Guardiola's side lost 5-3 on penalties to West Ham in the fourth round. And that is why he has been dropped from the League Cup.

The four-time champions went on to play in the tournament for the fifth time. The team was winning as expected. Man City are on the field against West Ham in the fourth round match with the same goal. Man City is also ahead in ball possession and attack. They took 25 shots for the goal, seven of which were on target.

But even then, in the first half and in the last 90 minutes, they did not see the desired net. After that the match ended in a tiebreaker.

Mark Noble scored in the first shot of a tiebreaker after a goalless draw at a packed stadium. West Ham, on the other hand, went ahead when Phil Foden's shot missed. Both teams scored in the next three shots. As a result, after four shots, the scoreline became 4-3.

Algeria winger Saeed Benrahma came to take the shot with the equation that West Ham will win if they score in the fifth shot. The star footballer did not make a mistake in scoring the goal while taking the tiebreaker shot. West Ham won 5-3.

As a result of this victory, Manchester City did not win the fifth title in a row.