FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2022: Schedule, USA Teams Roster and Live Stream Info

FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2022 Live Stream

The FIBA 3x3 Under-18 World Cup is an under-18 basketball tournament on August 23-28. In the ladies', three-time reigning champions the USA has a regularly capable line-up driven by Mikaylah Williams, who was a gold medalist in last year's victory.

The UDA Team Agara and Williams won gold at the 2022 FIBA U17 World Cup. Arnold played for the 2021 USA U16 National Team, which claimed a FIBA Americas Championship gold medal last summer. Meanwhile, Edwards attended the U16 team trials in May of 2021.

Event Info

  • Teams in the event: 40
  • Date: Aug 23, 2022 - Aug 28, 2022
  • Location: Debrecen, Hungary
  • Address: Kossuth Square Debrecen

Watch FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2022 Live TV Coverage

The FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2022 all action runs from August 23-28, and you can follow it live on the FIBA 3x3 YouTube and Facebook.

2022 FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup Pools


Pool APool BPool CPool D
HungaryMongoliaDominican RepublicKazakhstan
Trinidad and TobagoPortugalUSABahrain


Pool APool BPool CPool D
New ZealandNetherlandsLatviaKyrgyzstan
SpainHungaryGreat BritainUSA

FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup 2022 Schedule

23 Aug 2022

Men: Chile vs Portugal at

Men: Latvia vs Mongolia at 23:05

Women: France vs Hungary at 21:50

Women: Mexico vs Netherlands at 22:15

Women: Uzbekistan vs France at 23:30

Women: Hungary vs Mexico at 23:55

24 Aug 2022

Men: Kyrgyzstan vs Chile at 00:20

Men: Portugal vs Latvia at 00:45

Men: Kyrgyzstan vs Mongolia at 01:35

Men: Egypt vs Trinidad and Tobago at 13:50

Men: Serbia vs Hungary at 14:15

Men: Trinidad and Tobago vs Serbia at 15:30

Men: Germany vs Egypt at 15:55

Men: Germany vs Hungary at 16:45

Men: Slovenia vs United States at 18:30

Men: France vs Dominican Republic at 18:55

Men: United States vs France at 20:10

Men: Estonia vs Slovenia at 20:35

Men: Estonia vs Dominican Republic at 21:25

Men: Brazil vs Bahrain at 22:40

Men: Lithuania vs Kazakhstan at 23:05

Women: Uzbekistan vs Netherlands at 01:10

Women: Poland vs Spain at 13:00

Women: Romania vs New Zealand at 13:25

Women: Spain vs Romania at 14:40

Women: Germany vs Poland at 15:05

Women: Germany vs New Zealand at 16:20

Women: Chile vs Great Britain at 17:40

Women: Japan vs Latvia at 18:05

Women: Great Britain vs Japan at 19:20

Women: Brazil vs Chile at 19:45

Women: Brazil vs Latvia at 21:00

Women: Egypt vs United States at 21:50

Women: Mongolia vs Kyrgyzstan at 22:15

Women: Ukraine vs Egypt at 23:30

Women: United States vs Mongolia at 23:55

25 Aug 2022

Men: Ukraine vs Brazil at 00:20

Men: Bahrain vs Lithuania at 00:45

Men: Ukraine vs Kazakhstan at 01:35

Men: Latvia vs Kyrgyzstan at 16:35

Men: Mongolia vs Portugal at 17:00

Men: Chile vs Latvia at 18:25

Men: Portugal vs Kyrgyzstan at 18:50

Men: Mongolia vs Chile at 19:50

Men: Lithuania vs Ukraine at 21:50

Men: Kazakhstan vs Bahrain at 21:50

Men: Brazil vs Lithuania at 23:40

Women: Ukraine vs Kyrgyzstan at 01:10

Women: Mexico vs Uzbekistan at 01:10

Women: Netherlands vs Hungary at 16:10

Women: France vs Mexico at 17:35

Women: Hungary vs Uzbekistan at 18:00

Women: Netherlands vs France at 19:25

Women: Mongolia vs Ukraine at 21:00

Women: Kyrgyzstan vs United States at 21:25

Women: Egypt vs Mongolia at 22:50

Women: United States vs Ukraine at 23:15

26 Aug 2022

Men: Bahrain vs Ukraine at 00:05

Men: Kazakhstan vs Brazil at 01:05

Men: Serbia vs Germany at 16:35

Men: Hungary vs Trinidad and Tobago at 17:00

Men: Egypt vs Serbia at 18:25

Men: Trinidad and Tobago vs Germany at 18:50

Men: Hungary vs Egypt at 18:50

Men: France vs Estonia at 21:50

Men: Dominican Republic vs United States at 22:15

Men: Slovenia vs France at 23:40

Women: Kyrgyzstan vs Egypt at 00:40

Women: Romania vs Germany at 15:45

Women: New Zealand vs Spain at 15:45

Women: Poland vs Romania at 17:35

Women: Spain vs Germany at 18:00

Women: New Zealand vs Poland at 19:25

Women: Japan vs Brazil at 21:00

Women: Latvia vs Great Britain at 21:25

Women: Chile vs Japan at 22:50

Women: Great Britain vs Brazil at 23:15

27 Aug 2022

Men: United States vs Estonia at 00:05

Men: Dominican Republic vs Slovenia at 01:05

Women: Latvia vs Chile at 00:40

  • 27 Aug 2022: Men's and Women's Quarterfinals
  • 28 Aug 2022: Men's and Women's Semi-final
  • 28 Aug 2022: Men's and Women's 3RD Place
  • 29 Aug 2022: Men's and Women's Final

2022 FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup Teams Roster

Women’s: Sunaja Agara, Kamorea ‘KK’ Arnold, Jasmine Davidson, Joyce Edwards, Katie Fiso, ZaKiyah Johnson, Chloe Kitts, Indya Nivar, Sarah Strong, Mikaylah Williams, and Sahara Williams.

Men: Stephon Castle, Coen Carr, Myles Colvin, Eric Dailey Jr., Caleb Foster, Brandon Gardner, and Joson Sanon.

Men’s and women’s coaches: Head coach Nick LoGalbo, assistant coach Kelly Carruthers and court coach Todd Monsey.