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FIFA is providing 150 million US dollars to member countries to save football

FIFA is providing 150 million US dollars to member countries to save football

Jack To Do
Jack To Do

FIFA has extended financial assistance to save football, which has been hit hard by the global epidemic. The board of directors of the organization said on Friday that it has started providing 150 million US dollars in aid to the member countries.

FIFA also said that each of the 211 member countries will receive 500,000$ in the next few days. He will also get other benefits under the Forward 2.0 development program.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the aid would be distributed to 211 member countries in the next few days as a first step in overcoming the damage caused to the football world by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Infantino said: “This epidemic has posed a rare challenge to the entire football world. It is FIFA’s responsibility to help with this crisis. ”

He added, “This work has started by providing emergency financial assistance to the member countries which are facing a major financial crisis at this time.” This is the first step in a far-reaching financial aid plan in this time of crisis in the football world. “

Jack To Do

Jack is Andorra CF official website editor. Having written for a number of magazines and websites, there's no aspect of soccer news and great predictor.