FIFA is reportedly considering a 15-year ban for Rubiales

The Luis Rubiales case continues to make headlines.

A week after witnessing the Spanish women’s national team lift the 2023 Women’s World Cup, controversy was sparked by the behavior of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president.

According to the Daily Mail, FIFA might suggest a 15-year ban for Rubiales.

Removed from the presidency of the RFEF for 90 days, Rubiales would be facing an unprecedented penalty.

As per the British media, the actions taken by the presidents of the Territorial Federations would suffice to consider this disqualification.

The rejection expressed by the RFEF in requesting Rubiales to resign as president due to the “serious harm” caused “to the image of Spanish football” with his “unacceptable” behavior.

The move made by the RFEF in requesting Rubiales‘ resignation as president would have enabled FIFA to contemplate this punishment.

The Committee of Presidents of Regional and Territorial Federations of the RFEF meetsRFEF

After the RFEF sent a letter to UEFA, asking the European body to take action against the country for government interference (sanctioning Spanish clubs from competing in Europe and the national team in the European Championship), the presidents of the Territorial Federations have asked Pedro Rocha to revoke the document signed by Andreu Camps, the Secretary-General of the RFEF and the right-hand man to Luis Rubiales.

This request would empower FIFA to penalize the current president for 15 years according to the Daily Mail.

The TAD requests more documentation

Sports timelines differ from political ones, and this has been demonstrated once again in the Rubiales case.

While various government members have called for swift intervention in the case, both the Higher Sports Council and the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) do not see it as clear-cut.

They have requested more documentation in order to intervene in the case and achieve their goal, which is nothing other than removing Rubiales from any sports position, something that FIFA has already done.

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