FIFA will select the host of the Women's 2023 World Cup on June 25

FIFA will select the host of the Women's 2023 World Cup on June 25

The host state of this 2023 Women’s World Cup is going to be picked at the internet assembly of the FIFA Council on June 25. An origin in the world soccer governing body supported this info.

This is actually the first time in the history of the Women’s World Cup the most aggressive bidding process has happened. The host nation will be chosen through a transparent, impartial bidding procedure. Australia and New Zealand collectively participate in the bidding with Brazil, Colombia, and Japan. Not one of these states has hosted the Women’s World Cup before.

The host country was declared at the FIFA Council meeting scheduled for next month at Addis Ababa. But that meeting was canceled as a result of coronavirus.

FIFA stated four bid test reports could be published in early June. South Korea and South Africa withdrew from the bidding last December. For the very first time, 32 states will get involved in the 2023 World Cup. The amount of nations participating in the past World Cup held in France in 2019 has been 24.

The continuing crisis has attracted global game to a standstill. The case, to be performed in five cities around India, will now begin May 17.