Five anchors sue NY1 for age and gender discrimination

Five anchorwomen and reporters at NY1 say that the local news channel systematically shoved them aside to make room for younger faces while celebrating the long tenure of male anchors like venerable morning man Pat Kiernan.

Roma Torre, Kristen Shaughnessy, Jeanine Ramirez, Vivian Lee and Amanda Farinacci filed an age and gender discrimination lawsuit Wednesday in Manhattan federal court leveling the charges at the news channel’s parent company Charter Communications.

The women “have collectively worked for NY1 for more than 100 years and are among the most well-known faces in New York media,” said their attorney, Douglas Wigdor. “The case is emblematic of the epidemic in news media in which older women are pushed aside in favor of younger women and men.”

“Women on TV should accurately reflect women in society and be celebrated at every age, not treated like decoration that can be disposed and replaced with a newer version,” the plaintiffs said in a statement.

“We have poured our hearts and souls into our work at NY1, but in the end we have been left excluded, marginalized and vulnerable. We are fighting for ourselves and all other women who face this same struggle on a daily basis, and we hope to send a clear message to all news media across the country that this must change.”

“NY1’s contention that ‘more than half of NY1’s on-air talent is female, and that more than half is over 40’ completely misses the point,” said Wigdor.

“The question is not how many women there are, but where and when they appear on air. Unfortunately, it is men and younger women that are getting the top anchor positions and time slots while older women are pushed aside and marginalized,” he said.

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