Five reasons why Brazil can win the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Five reasons why Brazil can win the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The World Cup and Brazil are two names that are forever related. Every four years, when the World Cup comes, the name inevitably comes up in the question of favorites. Brazil! Why? Even if you don't answer this question. Whatever the team, Brazil is the eternal favorite of that World Cup.

The Qatar World Cup, which starts in November, is no exception. A ray of hope has been flying for four months now, Neymar will bring the World Cup to Brazil this time. However, The Analyst reported in mid-June that Brazil was unlikely to win the World Cup in Qatar.

But only football fans know that in the case of Brazil, at least in the World Cup, these calculations do not work.

Let's take a look at five reasons why a country that fails to be runners-up has a chance to win the World Cup.

Reasons No One: Neymar

The PSG star is now 30 years old. He indicated in October last year that Qatar could retire from the national team after the World Cup. In other words, this is Neymar's last World Cup for Brazil. In this situation, a similarity can be found with the Brazil team of the 1970 World Cup. That was Pel's last World Cup.

Lucas Paketa, Vinicius, Rafinia, Casimiro are also established. With them, Neymar will naturally be desperate to win the World Cup. Because, like the 1970 World Cup, this time Brazil will not lag behind in strength, and like Pelেলের who played the last World Cup in the thirties, Neymar also wants to stop in the thirties. There must be a different motivation.

In addition to this, another subject can be added; Neymar said in October last year that his main goal now is to help Brazil win the World Cup.

Reasons No Two: Experience and tradition

The total number of teams participating in the main round until the last World Cup is 69. But only eight teams have won the World Cup — Brazil, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, France, England and Spain. Of these champions, only Brazil has played in the main stage of all the World Cups.

In other words, no team has been able to beat Brazil in the experience of playing in the World Cup. The value of this experience can be understood from the fact that the team has won the highest number of times. With 63 wins in 109 matches in the World Cup, Brazil is on top of all the success.

Reasons No Three: Casimiro

As the saying goes, one player can never win the World Cup. That's right. Wrong again. Brazil coach Tito can argue why he is wrong. Do you remember the match between Brazil and Belgium in the last World Cup quarter-final? Defensive midfielder Casimiro of Brazil could not play the match due to a yellow card ban. Kevin de Bruyne-Eden Hazard snatched the Brazilian midfield with that opportunity. And surely De Bruyne remembers that goal in the 31st minute? Through the midfield, Romelu Lukaku entered the Brazilian danger zone almost unhindered with the ball.

Many think that if Casimiro had been in that match, the result would have been different. Because, Casimiro's job is to thwart the opponent's attack before it is in danger. The coaches give special importance to the defensive midfield position in the current football. In the 2021 Champions League final, Pep Guardiola lost the title without fielding any expert in this position.

Casimiro is currently the best in this position. Defensive midfielders are going to be very important in this World Cup too, and all the teams dream of getting a 'tank-like Casimiro. Brazil is ahead because it has it.

Reasons No Four: Coordination and form of attack

Last year's Copa America saw a good deal of understanding in Brazil's game, especially among the attacking players.

If Neymar plays a little behind, Lucas Paketa's understanding with him, the attempt to break the defense in one-two pass — the fans can find hope by looking at all this. It's like watching the rest of the ball movement while running with Vinicius' ball from the left end — that is, the opponent's defense automatically makes room for great movement.

Reasons No Five: Not just relying on Neymar

Yes, Neymar is the main star of Brazil in the Qatar World Cup. Is it possible to guarantee the victory of the World Cup just by relying on the main star? Since football is a team sport, most of the time it has to be played as a team. In the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Brazil felt the result of relying only on Neymar. The PSG star could not play in the last World Cup even though he was fully fit due to injury.

Tito has been working on the attack for several months keeping this issue in mind. Brings variety to Attacking Third. Sometimes Jesus, sometimes Neymar is seen there.

Neymar has been played in False Nine. Rafinha-Antonio is increasing the space with the right wing, with Vinicius finally getting the license to enter the box. And the Brazilian coach has made Paketa a 'three in one' midfielder.

In other words, the responsibility of scoring goals is no longer just on Neymar's shoulders; The intoxication of the goal is present in almost everyone in the attack.