Football should not be returned before September: FIFA

Football should not be returned before September: FIFA

The whole sports world has come to a standstill due to the deadly coronavirus. All kinds of games are closed. However, the top four European football players (Italy, Spain, England, and France) have again stepped up to launch their domestic football.

Michel D’Hooghe, chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee, believes it would not be right to start the game before September 1.

“The world is not yet ready for a return to competitive football,” D’Hog told Sky Sports. Hopefully, it will end soon, but we need to be more patient. ‘

He added: “We’re having the most dramatic time since World War II, and we shouldn’t underestimate it. We have to be realistic. “

Soccer is regarded as the main element in the spread of this coronavirus in Europe. Since in the first days of this Covid-19 virus, most clubs out of 1 nation travel to the next to play in the Champions League and Europa League. And this is the reason Corona is in a horrible form in all of Europe and at the large four soccer players.

But, these states are now down and up to launch their nation’s national soccer. However, FIFA, the world’s leading soccer governing body, has stated that soccer shouldn’t be started before following September. Because of this, the wait to get your sport in the area maybe more.