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Former goalkeeper Rustu Recber will not forget Barcelona contribution

Former goalkeeper Rustu Recber will not forget Barcelona contribution

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

What a storm the past couple of days over the household of Rustu Recber! The problem was alarming enough, Rustu himself probably didn’t expect to live. The celebrity gradually returned from passing. Now he’s come home from the hospital, resting at the house quarantine. The goalkeeper remembered his former team Barcelona’s part in the disease.

In a meeting with Spanish press AS, the celebrity, who played at the 2002 World Cup semifinal for Turkey, stated:’I’m overwhelmed at the amount of aid Barcelona has obtained when I’m sick and recovering. Carlos Navas and Chemi Teresa (two people relations officials in Barsa) approached me. The President also approached me. These are the tiny things that blow your brain off. I will never forget them. I’d like to thank everybody in Barcelona, ​​particularly the club president Josep Maria Bartomeu.”

Never has a more powerful competition than Coronavirus ever been in his profession, admitting the celebrity,’ Obviously, a tougher competition hasn’t come in my entire life. They’ve treated me correctly. Among the principal pillars of the group that made it into the semifinals was long-haired goalkeeper Rusto Wrecker. He endured Brazil at the World Cup. Barcelona has been nominated by Turkey’s Fenerbahce ।e at the Twenty20 championship for its top performance award. The goalpost could have become the watchman, who’d have stopped one shot after another.

Recbar has been Ronaldinho-Xavi Puyol’s teammate when he came to Barcelona on the 21st. The Spanish couldn’t state that the then crime didn’t need him to be the group’s unique goalkeeper, Frank Rickard. Recbar was just able to play with four league games Bar ।a for 3 years.