Former US President Donald Trump will be seen in a new form

Former US President Donald Trump will be seen in a new form

Former President Donald Trump will comment on the boxing match next Saturday (September 11).

Trump will be the commentator on the match between Vitor Belfort, a former Brazilian martial arts fighter, and retired fighter Evander Holyfield.

Oscar de la Hayer was to play in the match. But he fell victim to coronavirus. So he has been replaced by Holyfield.

Not only is Trump alone, his son Donald Trump Jr. will also be in the commentary of the match. They have signed an agreement with video sharing company Trailer in this regard.

As a commentator, the former US president said after the deal, "I like legendary fighters and love to watch great fights. I will be waiting for you in Saturday's match. Where I will present my own analysis. Surely you will not miss this special event. '

The two champions will play in the match to appear as Trump's commentators. The 58-year-old former Hollywood heavyweight champion. Belfort, 44, has the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Trump's connection with boxing is quite old. He hosted many boxing matches at his casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the eighties and nineties.

Meanwhile, many famous personalities have commented on the trailer before. World-renowned rap singer Snoop Dogg was also seen in the commentary. Comedian Pete Davidson also picked up commentator Mike last April.