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Former wrestler Alberto del Rio arrested in sexually assaulting

Former wrestler Alberto del Rio arrested in sexually assaulting

Former wrestler Alberto del Rio was charged with rape and assault of a girl earlier this season. At exactly the exact same time, 42-year-old Del Rio was charged with threatening the girl and her son. The suit alleges that Del Rio’s final defeat and sexually abused the girl on May 3. He’s done a lot of times before.

In a statement to police, the girl said the former wrestling superstar was mad because she guessed Dale Rio. Consequently, he was called into his house in San Antonio, repeatedly struck in the head, and imprisoned in space.

According to a Daily Mail reporter, the woman showed pictures, medical reports, and even signs of injuries in various parts of her body in support of her complaint. Del Rio was angry at the woman for questioning her credibility.

Subsequently, Del Rio compelled the girl to dance using specially dressed apparel. In case the woman disagrees, Del Rio threatens to drop off her son at the center of the road. Where nobody can find – those items are cited in the affidavit of this circumstance.

The girl added her hands were tied with a rope used in boxing and she had been sexually abused for many hours together with socks in her mouth. In this time period, Del Rio continued to strike him on the back. The girl also revealed signs of harm to the authorities. He was released from police custody Sunday and fined 50,000$. A Bexar County court has ruled the Del Rio was released on bond Sunday.

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