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France Galop admits the possibility of reprogramming Classics

France Galop admits the possibility of reprogramming Classics

France Galop officials are already considering needing to reprogram this year’s classics on account of this coronavirus pandemic.

But, France Galop CEO Olivier Delloye is ready to plan ahead if a further delay is needed.

When asked if these significant races may be rescheduled if needed, Delloye told Sky Sports Racing: “Yes, probably. That’s the sort of task being done together with the France Galop team”

“They’re building some different situations, based on if the races can restart, and on what we could set the principal classics on the calendar, and what sort of races we can present.”

“It’s being solved. I can’t say more in the present time since it’s in the preliminary phases, but this is only one of those priorities around the table right now.”

He added: “We suspended the races before mid-April because it corresponds to the dates suggested from the French authorities, as it chose to shut all restaurants and bars and public action.

“Clearly we do not know if we are going to have the ability to resume racing at the point. Just the upcoming few weeks and days will give us a decent indicator of our capability to resume racing”

“There’s a combination of comprehension and concern (of those riders). People today want their horses to conduct and individuals aren’t always in a healthier financial situation, therefore daily without hurrying is a day when folks they lose cash, and can not afford it.

“People are worried about the length of the emergency and wondering why when races may restart.”

“There is not any negative response for the racing government, as everybody understands that there’s not any other alternative except to quit running in the present time, but they’re extremely worried about their particular situation.”

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