Freya Patel-Redfearn Birmingham badminton 2022 Preview

Freya Patel-Redfearn Birmingham badminton 2022 Preview

The Commonwealth Games have for some time been alluded to as the 'cordial Games' since they are by and large less serious and high-constrained when contrasted with Olympics or Paralympics - BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED..

That doesn't reduce the cutthroat idea of the games on show, or competitors' craving to venture onto the platform. Every version is one of a kind, yet essentially all see hopeful geniuses arise interestingly on a worldwide stage and make strides towards becoming commonly recognized names.

Badminton player Freya Patel-Redfearn is among those expecting to be in that classification.

The 21-year-old - of Indian and British legacy - will make her significant occasion debut for Team England at Birmingham 2022 and the WSA talked with her at the crew declaration.

How did you get into badminton?

“As a kid, I did gymnastics, ballet, netball, and a bit of swimming because I wanted to try different things out and I had a very sporty family.

“I played quite a lot of tennis too with my siblings, but then I found badminton when I was about nine and really took to it because it was my thing and it was nice to be different.”

How have you managed school work, studies and full-time training?

“I actually started an Open University degree last year, so I’m in my second year now and I’m doing it part-time, which makes it manageable. Obviously badminton is my main focus but it’s nice to have something on the side to still get my brain working and keep learning.

“It’s definitely still hard though because of the tournaments and being away a lot, but I’m studying sports fitness and management, which relates quite well and covers quite a lot of areas in a sport which is useful.”

How much has he been able to help?

“I’m half-Indian, half-English so It’s nice to represent both and within the team as well I definitely feel there’s more diversity (than there has been previously.)

“I know a lot of the juniors coming up and there’s quite a mixed group which is coming through which it’s nice to see, but we keep aiming to improve and it’s great to have Raj (Ouseph) here as a coach as well because he’s such an inspiration to us.”

For those who don’t know, just how big is badminton in Asia?

“You might think a lot of people play it in England, but in Asia, it’s one of their biggest sports and I get messages from fans because it’s so huge.

Obviously, they have top, top players so our aim is always to compete with the Asian players because we know how strong they are and how early on they play the sport from.”

What does being selected for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games mean to you?

“It’s so special, I can’t describe it, I’m so happy that all the hard work paid off!

“I’ve never had an experience of a multi-sport event, especially at this scale, so it’s going to be amazing and to have a home Games is going to be extra special because friends and family will be there.

“I’m definitely going to take everything in and have a great time but I want to perform at my best level, get in the frame of mind and condition to play well and do my country proud.

“I think being part of Team England, in England, is something I’ll never forget.”