Golden State Warriors 2023-24 Schedule

The NBA Schedule just dropped, and no team may have a more interesting schedule than the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are always one of the most-watched teams in the league and this year should be no different. 

Since 2015, 27 NBA games have drawn over 14 million viewers. The common denominator amongst all 27? Stephen Curry. 32 out of the 33 games to draw 13 million viewers in that time frame have also featured the Warriors’ star. Curry is must-see TV and gets people watching. Due to numbers like these, Golden State has been scheduled for 41 nationally televised contests.

The NBA’s Favorite Days

The first comes on opening night against the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix added Bradley Beal this offseason to pair with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, while Golden State acquired Chris Paul to put alongside the rest of its veteran group. The new-look Pacific division foes will go at it in San Fransisco on opening night, October 24th.

The Warriors will also face off against Nikola Jokic and the defending champion Denver Nuggets on Christmas Day. Golden State has played on Christmas in 12 out of the last 13 years and will look to knock off the team atop the NBA mountain top this year.

Divisional Stretches

Other notable items on the schedule include two consecutive games against both the Timberwolves and Thunder across a span of six days in November as they take on the Northwest division.

NBA Rivals Week pits the Warriors against Clutch Player of the Year De’Aaron Fox and the Sacramento Kings on January 25th. Golden State faces the team they knocked out of the playoffs three other times, all before December.

As the calendar flips from November to December, the Warriors face divisional opponents five games in a row. After going to Sacramento on November 28th, they’ll face the Clippers twice in a home and home series before going to Phoenix and back to LA for a third date with the Clippers.

Familiar Foes

A 2022 Finals rematch has Golden State hosting Boston a week before Christmas, this time the Celtics swap Marcus Smart for Kristaps Porzingis. The Warriors face another storied franchise and fellow Adam Silver sweetheart, the Los Angeles Lakers, for the first time a month later at Chase Center. That’s just the beginning of a tough three-game stretch, hosting Philadelphia and reigning MVP Joel Embiid before going to Memphis, who will have Ja Morant back from suspension.

If you’re wondering why Golden State vs. Washington in December is on the primetime schedule, recall the blockbuster trade for Chris Paul. Jordan Poole was sent to the nation’s capital after a rollercoaster season. However, it was due in part to his tumultuous relationship with Draymond Green. Even NBA 2k24 is manifesting some unmissable content, pitting the two against each other in a gameplay trailer.

The Downside

Maybe the most intriguing part of the schedule plays against the Warriors’ favor. Golden State was scheduled for 15 back to backs, the most in the league. After swapping 24-year-old Poole for 39-year-old Paul, there’s likely to be some resting going on. Additionally, with Curry (35), Green (33) and Klay Thompson (33) entering what could be later stages of their careers, the league was wise to the probable load management. Just three of the second games of those back-to-backs come on national television, many coming against small market teams.

The first ever in-season tournament places the Warriors in West Group C. The group also includes Sacramento, Minnesota, Oklahoma City and San Antonio. The experienced Warriors will face each of these young teams once. Furthermore, hopefully, they will head into a win-or-go-home tournament against the winners of other groups.

The over/under for this Warriors roster is set at 48.5. Optimism would tell you to take the over. The Warriors have winning culture and done a lot in the past. If someone were to get injured and miss significant time, Golden State could be in trouble in a deep west.

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