Google tells you how to identify online scams and stay safe

Google tells you how to identify online scams and stay safe

Countless online accounts have been hacked every year simply due to scams! Online scams, online scams may occur in several ways – lotteries, strategies to earn money on the internet, fake tasks, relationship spouses or e-commerce reductions, etc. advertisements. Online scams have grown because of coronavirus. The search engine Google has demonstrated how to remain secure in this circumstance.

Scams associated with coronavirus are on the upswing. Loan EMI deferment scam and imitation UPI ID for contribution to PM Cares fund are a few of the examples. As recorded by Google, you will find largely five kinds of COVID-19 associated scams. Included in these are fake provides on services and goods, stealing private information, impersonation of government, fraudulent medical offerings, and bogus requests for charitable contributions.

Google Tips scams avoid

1. Hackers are also trying to seduce you from home quarantine. And so, your emails, phones, calls keep getting fake. Sending a link to a malicious website. Clicking on these links will get you stuck.

2. Now many websites, blog sites are giving information about coronavirus. Hackers have taken advantage of this by creating malicious websites. You end up entering these sites! To get accurate information about coronavirus, visit the World Health Organization website.

3. COVID‑19 hacking has increased these days. So be careful using credit cards when shopping on the internet. The less you shop online, the better. Do not give bank information on any website.

4. Many sites are raising funds to help those infected with the coronavirus. Payment can be made through credit card by visiting these sites. Hackers hack the confidential information of the donor’s bank account from these sites.

5. Hackers are stealing your personal information by showing greed for money at home. Hackers put flashy ads in traps. They say you don’t have to do anything, just watch the video, click on this link. If you do this, you are in trouble.