Google will automatically delete web data after 18 months

Google will automatically delete web data after 18 months

Google won’t store the complete details of every new user hunt. Google recently declared this info. The organization’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai declared on Wednesday it will automatically delete all the stored documents of fresh user actions on the internet and program after 18 Month.

Numerous users store various information in Google, including location history. They will also have a storage period of up to one and a half years. It will then be deleted automatically. However, automatic deletion will not apply to Gmail and Google Photos.

Sundar Pichai said: We always emphasize three things. Protect user information, keep it accountable, and keep control of your information in the hands of the customer. Services that are designed to store personal information are unchanged.

The collection, use and sale of information against technology companies is often criticized. Google has also been accused of collecting millions of Google Plus user data due to user location information and software security flaws. Since then, Google’s efforts in information security have increased.

1.5 billion people worldwide have Google Accounts. Change the settings for them automatically. Google has sent e-mails to many regarding the ‘privacy test’ and is still doing so. It asks if users want to save information.