Hakan Sukur is the fastest goal in the Soccer World Cup when a taxi driver

Hakan Sukur is the fastest goal in the Soccer World Cup when a taxi driver

World Cup third-ranked match. Turkey and South Korea are the two teams to surprise the face. The sound of the referee playing the flute did not go away, the audience could not move, the goal in the meantime! Turkey striker Hakan Sukur caught the ball in the South Korean net for just 11 seconds. It still holds the record for the fastest goal in World Cup football history.

But luckily, in order to save lives, Sukkur, Turkey’s highest goalkeeper, has now run a taxi to the United States to earn a living! Because he has been widely accused of terrorist activity, failing military coup, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the country’s current president.

Sukur recently told the German newspaper ‘Welt am Sontag’ the tragic story of a turning point in life. Accusing Erdo; an of losing everything, he says, “I have nothing else, Erdo; an has taken away all of me; My freedom, freedom of speech and right to work. ”

Suku joined politics after saying goodbye to football in 2008.

Sukur also had good relations with Erdo ।an’s chief political opposition leader Fatullah Gulen. That’s what it was like for him.

Then, in the Turkish-controlled media in Turkey, Sukur was referred to the Fatullah Terrorist Organization (FATO) as a runaway accused. He even received the threat of murder.

As a result, Sukur ran a cafe in California after fleeing the United States that year to save his life. But, as suddenly as he began to think, there were skeptics. So he left the cafe and started driving a taxi. Books are also being sold.

Suku, however, has denied all the allegations leveled against him from the beginning, “No one could explain what I had played in the coup. I didn’t do anything illegal. I am not a traitor or a terrorist.