Hana Kimura Memorial Show “Bagus”: PPV Event Date, Time and TV Info

Hana Kimura Memorial Show “Bagus” Live Stream

The Hana Kimura Memorial Show “Bagus” is to take place on May 23, 2022. This year’s event at Korakuen Hall and a press conference were held to unveil more details about the forthcoming event. All the profits of this event will be used for activities to restore Kimura Hana's honor and legal fees.

PPV Event Details

  • Date: Monday, May 23rd, 2022
  • Time: (Doors 530PM JST, Start 630PM JST)
  • Where: Korakuen Hall
  • Broadcast Details: FITE TV

How To Watch Hana Kimura Memorial Show “Bagus” Live TV Channel

The 2nd Hana Kimura Memorial Show, entitled Bagus!, international streaming deal on FITE TV. Last year's occasion 'Hana Matane' spilled on Fite TV, and it seems like the current year's occasion will likewise be streamed universally.

Event Fight Rules

After the maiden name Hana Kimura entered, there was after the surname of Meko. The continuation setting is 3 counts, and you will be disqualified and sent off by tapping the give-up.

There is a continuation of application, and it is pushed forward, resulting in a maximum handicap of 1 to 3. The fact that the maiden name Hana Kimura died before the marriage gift of the three people was on the spot.

Hana Kimura Memorial Show “Bagus” Participants List

  • Saori Anou
  • Kaori Yoneyama (YMZ)
  • Kyusei Hana Kimura (likely Sakura Hirota who cosplayed as Hana last year in the battle royal)
  • Ram Kaicho (TRIPLE SIX)
  • Super Delfin (Okinawa Pro-Wrestling)
  • “A Secret Guest”
  • Mensore Oyaji (Okinawa Pro-Wrestling)