Harvey Weinstein looks to get sex trafficking charges tossed from lawsuit

Harvey Weinstein is trying to get sex trafficking charges tossed out of a lawsuit filed by actress Wedil David, who claims the disgraced Hollywood mogul raped her in 2015.

Weinstein’s lawyers filed papers in Manhattan Federal Court asking the judge to reject David’s claims, arguing she is trying to take advantage of the legal success of other women.

Weinstein promised her a role in the television series ‘Marco Polo’ and lured her to his Beverly Hills hotel room, where he raped her, the actress claims in her 2017 lawsuit. The two met in 2011, and he offered to help her acting career, including inviting her to awards show parties for several years.

Weinstein’s lawyers argued the sex trafficking claims don’t apply, because the crime was established to criminalize slavery, involuntary servitude and human trafficking for commercial gain.

“Attempting to apply the [law] to this case is an utter perversion of the legislative intent behind the statute,” they wrote. “There are no allegations of slavery, involuntary servitude, or human trafficking in the instant case.”

Weinstein denies sexually assaulting any of the women who have made claims against him, claiming any sex that occurred was consensual.

His lawyers accuse David of trying to ride the headlines “and get her case in the public eye by adding a sex trafficking claim for no other reason than because other plaintiffs are doing it too.’

David’s lawyer did not immediately comment on the new legal papers. The actress opted out of a reported $44 million settlement being worked out by Weinstein’s former company.

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