Helmut Marko takes another jab at Checo Perez: He isn't consistent, he isn't always focused

Red Bull won’t be making any driver changes in 2024: Max Verstappen will be the number one driver and Checo Perez will be the second.

Christian Horner has already confirmed it several times, but nothing is certain when it comes to 2025, especially for the Mexican.

His role with the team is once again being questioned after the recent comments from Helmut Marko, who has mentioned Lando Norris as a possible replacement for Sergio on more than one occasion.

Checo Perez to look for a seat in 2025?

Perez himself has already said that he will have to look for alternatives in case he does not sign a new contract for 2025. And while this is happening, Marko, who fought for the Guadalajara-born driver to join the team, is now questioning his consistency and concentration due to poor showings prior to races in the Netherlands and Italy.

What did Helmut Marko say about Sergio Perez?

Sergio Perez is not consistent,” Marko told Sport & Talk as per motorsport.com. “He is not always focused, but he has a contract until 2024 and Lando Norris has a contract until 2025.

“It’s a pity that his contract lasts so long because he would be one of the candidates.

Marko recalled how Norris was on the verge of joining Toro Rosso, but a better offer from McLaren at the time, prevented a deal from being completed.

“We had already reached an agreement with his representative to give him a seat at Toro Rosso, but then his manager realized they had another option in his contract with McLaren,” Marko added.

Checo Perez has other interests

Helmut also noted that a 33-year-old driver with several children, has other interests, meaning that the Mexican’s interests outside the track must also be considered.

“Sergio is already over 30 years old and will soon have his fourth child. He already has other interests, so we have to see what happens next,” said Marko.

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