Henry Nicholls donated the World Cup jersey

Henry Nicholls donated the World Cup jersey

Nicholls gave the Kiwis a great start in the final against England at Lord’s. The left-arm batsman played an innings of 55 runs off 77 balls. The match has become a part of the cricket story in one drama after another. After the main match, the tie is also a super over. England won the title as they were ahead at the boundary.

He had been linked with New Zealand celebrity Henry Nicholls. Nicholls has given the 2019 World Cup last match to UNICEF New Zealand, rather than auctioning it.

Explaining the reason behind not auctioning the jersey off, Nichols advised New Zealand press personnel:’I needed to steer clear of the auction, in which the maximum bidder wins. I desired to increase the scope in order that anybody can contribute 10$ and acquire a jersey at the lottery’

Until next Monday, people considering carrying the jersey will have the ability to contribute in accordance with their ability. A lottery will subsequently decide who will have the jersey.

Henry Nicholls said: ‘Since the lockdown began, the demand for parcel food has tripled across New Zealand. I thought I could use the jersey to increase people’s interest in donating. ‘