Highest-paid athletes in World history

Top 10 Highest-paid athletes in World history

The popular economic magazine "Forbes" has prepared a ranking for the richest athletes in all history. Salary, ad revenue, awards and bonuses are taken into account to compile the list.

The German Formula 1 legend with seven titles suffered a serious skiing accident in December 2013 and has been in rehabilitation for brain damage ever since.

The top ten is dominated by golfers, but one basketball legend is on the throne – Michael Jordan, who has $1.7 billion. Air has earned $300 million in the last year.

Top 10 Richest athletes in history

one of the most significant golfers in history with 14 triumphs in the most prestigious tournaments and the first athlete to cross the $1 billion mark.

#NoAthletes NamePaidPlaying
1Michael Jordan$1.85 billionNBA Player
2Tiger Woods$1.8 billionGolfer
3Arnold Palmer$1.4 billionGolfer
4Jack Nicklaus$1.2 billion$815 million
5Floyd Mayweather$1.04 billionBoxer
6Michael Schumacher$1 billionGerman Formula 1
7Phil Mickelson$856 millionGolfer
8Cristiano Ronaldo$833 millionFootball Player
9LeBron James$815 millionNBA Player
10David Beckham$800 millionFootball Player