How Jude Bellingham took the 2023 Golden Boy lead thanks to Taylor Swift fans

One of the most famous singers in the world, Taylor Swift, could indirectly play a part in who is named the next winner of the Golden Boy, an award given to the best Under-21 soccer player.

Just when it seemed that Alejandro Balde was one of the favorites to take the public vote, a comment made about the American singer looks to have set off the ‘Swifties’ and hurt his chances.

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“Do I like Taylor Swift? No, I don’t like her music,” the Barcelona player stated, which angered Swift‘s fans.

Swifties vs Alejandro Balde

Following his comments, ‘Swifties’ started a campaign against the Spaniard and began voting on Tuttosport for his main rival for the award, Jude Bellingham.

It all started on Twitter, now X, when fans of Barcelona and Real Madrid campaigned for their players.

However, a user brought to light statements made by Alejandro Balde in May to remind everyone that he did not like Taylor Swift.

Some ‘Swifties’ accounts caught wind of it, and asked fellow fans to vote for the Real Madrid footballer.

“We can’t let this Balde guy win the Golden Boy award, so vote for Bellingham here.”

A boost for Bellingham

As a result Bellingham now leads the voting with 49.5 percent, while Alejandro Balde trails with 27.5 percent.

For their part, the other competitors are quite a distance away, with Jamal Musiala at 2.3 percent and Gavi with 2.0 percent.

How Golden Boy voting works

It should be noted that fans can choose their favorite to go to the final round of voting, although the final decision will then be decided by 30 specialized journalists from European countries.

The next cut is scheduled to be announced at the end of September, which will mark the final step prior to the shortlist that will be presented to the international jury. The prize will then be given out in November.

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